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Powerkneeslvees will give u power

The Power knee sleeves is really amazing Awesome yaar It gives 5kg jump to our squats I must recommend this Knee Sleeves...!! 💯

The power knee sleeves are really amazing. It's fitting is really tight which makes it really comfortable to lift heavy weight. Yesterday on my 22nd b'day, I attempted 150kgs squats successfully using 1RM's power knee sleeves. Totally worth it for gym freaks.

1RM Stringer - Navy Blue
Arunava Samaddar
Stringer Review

Highly satisfied with the quality of the product. It's a bit expensive as compared to other stringers which you can get in Amazon/Flipkart but the quality of this product is very impressive, so it's worth it.

Go buy ate one barbell with life time warranty

Best oversize tshirt

Being new to this website but my friend recommended me this website and he was very happy with the services and product but when I tried I seriously loved this the quality of yhe tshirt is far much better and set a very good standard as compared to big brands you can shop from here undoubtedly… Thanks 1Rm


When I complaint about the product that I don’t like ,whole team got personally involved Abhishek was of great help got my query solved and Yash was of great help with responding . Best team and genuine products .

Best belt

This is worth it!

Very solid

The material of the belt, top notch. I have been using it for 3 months now. The buckle quality and the belt it self is a great product available in India as of now. Its a once in 5 years investment, so price is accordingly. 10/10

Hex Dumbbell
Parth Mehta

Really loved the product and its quality is top notch.Price is at reasonable rate and is a key factor in buying decision.
Good luck and good job 👍 .

Oversized T-Shirt : Baki Hanma
Aayush Preet Massey
Awesome Quality

Best quality and very comfortable 🌟
Keep it up 1rm.

Amazing shorts

The cloth material of the shorts is amazing! And so is the military green color. Really comfortable to train in and the colour goes with a lot of tshirt colors. Looking forward to more such high quality shorts from 1rm.

great quality

quality is great according to the price. should've provided the installation kit.


Fabric is great love the quality.Great job 1RM team

Material is Awesome

1. Feels premium...
2. Belt quality was great....
3. PR increase in just few days.....
4. 13 mm thickness helps more for Bracing
5. the material of belt hold you tight in any type of clothes even polyester

Golden era shorts

Top quality shorts 🩳

The quality is very good and and comfortable while working out

Best tee to workout and comfortable one worth it

Good fit

Best quality

Amazing quality

Good quality and comfortable tshirt

Great design great fit

Amazing design and fit love the tshirtt its perfect

T shirt

Nice quality awesome product

Black oversize tshirt

Ek yash ki tagdi tshirt h

Best oversized T-shirt in the market!

Personally I’ve been using plenty of oversized T-shirts particularly during training but none better than the 1RM one.

I absolutely love the fit but more so the comfort of the fabric. For those who like to train in an oversized T-shirt or even wear it casually, I recommend this one for sure!

Great job, team 1RM 😃😃

My god one rm i pointed out your mistake that you copied sbd picture as well as design and you removed the review
Such a big firm with no creativity and such deeds that they cannot commit out loud if someone even noticed there cheap strategies

1RM Lever Belt : Black
Sarfraj Ansari
Great product

This is the product one should definitely try and feel the change in there workout. The 13mm thickness and the strong lever are definitely worth it.

Awesome fit and love the quality. 🚀🚀
Just go for it guys 🔱🔱