1RM Powerlifting Package

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Knee Sleeve:
Elbow Sleeve:

All the products in this 1RM Powerlifting Package are as per International standards. This is your one stop place to get kitted out for your Powerlifting meet!

It's time to level up for strength game

Set Contains the following:

- 13MM Lever Belt (Black)
- 7MM Power Knee Sleeves
- 3MM Elbow Sleeves (black & red)
- 1RM Wrist Support
- Deadlift Straps


How to measure ELBOW SLEEVE:
Measure the circumference of your forearm and lower biceps, taken with your arm locked and muscles relaxed, then choose a size that best fits both measurements.

Size Chart 
Size                            M             L           
Inches                      9-11      11-13      

How to measure KNEE SLEEVE:
Measure the circumference of your knee joint with your leg out straight, keeping your muscles relaxed. Measure around the centre of your kneecap (at the patella), and around the thickest part of your calf.

Size Chart 
Size               S             M             L              
Inches     11.8-13   13-14.2  14.2-15.7   

How To measure LEVER BELT:
Measure with your clothing on around the area the belt will be worn. (NOT pants waist size)

Size Chart
Size                       M                            L
Inches              26-32                    33-43

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Ready for 1 rap more...

Recently I have purchased power lifting package...and really this is so satisfying for me .. this is working very well..
And I must say ..go for it...it will give you 1 rap moreeeee.....

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