1RM Lever Belt : Black

Rs. 12,349

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The 1RM Power Lifting Lever Belt delivers strong, consistent back support and stability through heavy lifts, and is available in different sizes for a perfect fit (see the Fit Guide below to carefully assess your preferred size).

      Additional Specifications
  • 100% Genuine Sole Leather: Black
  • Thickness: 13mm
  • Width : 10cm
  • Plated Steel Lever with Matte Black finish
  • Black Suede Interior
  • Black Hardware
  • Rust Free Zinc-Iron Alloy
  • Embossed 1RM logo
  • As per IPF standards 

How To Measure?
Measure with your clothing on around the area the belt will be worn. (NOT pants waist size)

Size Chart
Size                       M                            L
Inches              26-32                    33-43
NOTE : Avoid dropping or throwing the belt, as this can cause damage to the belt buckle.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Great product

I recently invested in a new powerlifting belt to aid me in my fitness journey, and let me tell you, it has been a game changer!

This weightlifting belt provides exceptional support throughout my entire core, allowing me to lift heavier weights more efficiently and safely. The thick Velcro closure makes it easy to adjust the tightness according to my needs, ensuring optimal pressure where it matters most.

The build quality is top-notch; the heavy-duty leather material exudes toughness, while its rigid structure offers unwavering stability during intense workouts. Moreover, the inner lining is cushioned, providing extra comfort against my skin without compromising on the belt's rigidity.

One remarkable aspect of this powerlifting belt is its impact on my form. With improved posture and better bracing, my lifts have become more balanced and controlled, resulting in fewer injuries and enhanced workout sessions. Furthermore, the added confidence that comes with wearing a powerful accessory like this boosts motivation levels tenfold!

Although the price point might seem steep initially, considering the benefits gained from using it regularly, it becomes clear that investing in a high-quality powerlifting belt is essential for serious lifters aiming for progress and achieving peak performance. Overall, I couldn't recommend this belt enough – five stars without hesitation!

Great Product and Excellent Customer Support

I recently bought this belt and got a smaller size but the customer support was amazing and guided me through it to get my perfect size. The belt is amazing and will be the last belt you will need for a very long time. At first you can feel slightly uncomfortable if this is your first lever belt but it goes away 2-3 days when you start using it.Overall great and sturdy belt.

Vinit Mane
1RM Lever Belt is very Heavy & Great Quality

I recently purchased a powerlifting belt online, and I must say, it exceeds my expectations. The quality rivals top brands like SPD, providing excellent support and durability. It's incredibly sturdy yet surprisingly comfortable, making it the best belt I've ever used for my lifts. Thank you 1RM for such a fantastic product

Great belt

Great quality this is totally worth it.

Pranay parab
IPF approval ?

Is your belt or company IPF approved?

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